Monday, November 13, 2006

My Second Swap: Halloween!


I was very happy today and didn't know why, just felt elated... that's all! There's a cute guy in my class who kept on talking to me and looked at me when I didn't look at him. He's cute though, so there's nothing wrong about that. I've been quiet in class, just get in, listen, and get out as soon as the class finishes (don't have parking permit mah, don't run then get a $20 ticket ah Image) I don't know if it was my perfume or my raging hormone that turned his head Image

Came home and I saw a biggish parcel in my mailbox. My Halloween swap package finally arrived Image. I lugged the box upstair, wondering what my swap partner Danni made for me Image
And then when I opened, I found an afghan! When signing for the swap, I thought of receiving an afghan but the mod said it would be a lot of work. Then I replied that I would want something more appropriate (ie smaller). But Danni, she had to go all the way to fullfil my dream of receiving an afghan. I was flabergasted for a while and my nose started to feel tingling. I was about to cry!

She is so awesome: besides the afghan, she sent me 2 crochet magazines, a box of Godiva chocolate, a pair of warmest and softest socks ever, 2 skleins of Sugar and cream yarn, some envelope and stationary seals, a booklet of Monet cards, and her handwritten note. I was so touched! The best part is Tallahassee just got cold last night and today I am equipped with all the wonderful and cozy stuff Danni sent me Image

I swear this is better than love!

Originally posted on October 24, 2006