Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First FO of the year and update on knitting

I finally finished the VS skirt and it's the first FO of 07! Yay! I'm really happy the way it turned out and the length of the skirt. My swap partner Fiona gave me such nice yarn that it makes this skirt looks more beautiful. Right now I have to wait for the temperature to go up a bit before wearing it out to the public. Or maybe I'll debut it to my friend's wedding in April?

Anyways, this is how it looks:

You can read more about it in beloved crochetville.

On another note, my knitting has improved slowly. Every night I spend about an hour picking each knit and purl stitch. Now my beginner scarf ("Ribbed-for-Her-Pleasure" in SnB the Knitter's Handbook) is halfway done. Maybe another month(?) and I'll finish it. In the meantime, my eyes are still fixated on the pullover pattern in the Fall 06 issue of Interweave crochet magazine.

I think I finally graduated from simply crocheted with acrylic yarn and move on to having SEX with other natural fibers. (Haha, you dirty mind, I was talking about "stash enrichment xperience", not the thing adults do together in bed!) The other day I saw Patons SWS in Michael's and me like it! It's a soy and wool blend yarn with very colorful and yummy colors. The only thing that stopped me from SEXing it was the price tag: $5.99 per skein! I will probably buy 2 for a scarf => so it's still in my mind. Until I hit a bigger paycheck or Michael's has a big sale, it'll be in the store.

Sometimes it's funny that Michael's and JoAnn's don't carry the same brand of yarn. I love some of the Sensations yarn and JoAnn's, especially their wool mix yarn that feels very luxurious. I still have a pet peeves for online yarn shopping though, mostly because sometimes the yarn don't come out as good as I expected. The coupons in JoAnn's does help a lot, and it would be much better if they carry the SWS in store.

Please, Joann's store in TLH, please carry Pattons SWS!