Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There's a new show in my life that's called "Ripped/Stitched" It's the rival of the famous plastic surgery show "Nip/Tuck" :D

Ever wonder why I called it "Ripped/Stitched"? That's because every time I tend to finish a part, I ripped out and redid the whole thing over and over again! Remember my design during the seminar? Yeah, I've been frogging it ever since I started and now the thing doesn't pass the front boob level. Guess I'm not so good at making garments :(

I'm starting the Tempting knit sweater soon. It'll be my first knit garment and I've already bought most of the supplies. In the mean time, I may try cable knitting, it looks fun to me :D (I have a weird sense of humor lol)

Anywaiz, I'll be enjoying my new show until the top is done, then it'll end up in here and "Show and Tell" So stay tune for the next episode of "Ripped/Stitched"