Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm Hosting a CAL!

Woohoo! Finally one of my dreams came true! Now I'm hosting the Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag CAL

If you're a member of c'ville, please join this CAL. It's my first time hosting so I'm a bit nervous but everything should be fine. I'm learning each and everyday.

I have so many WIPs (work in progress) and WIMs (work in mind)

The WIPs are:
1. LB swing jacket: it's literally ages since I started that jacket. I guess the more I found out that I'm done, the less I want to finish. That's very sad sad sad!

2. A granny square blanket for my brother. I use this pattern from Erin Lindsey's blog to make the little one a blanket. My brother doesn't like to wear blanket because they're just plain heavy for him. Therefore I'm making one out of JoAnn's Rainbow Boucle'. It's growing nicely so far.

3. Baby Hobo bag: a smaller version of the pink bag.

The WIMs:

1. Another Hobo bag for my roomate, probably in brown.

2. A crochet long sleeve shirt for winter. I don't have the pattern and I don't know any nice patterns. If you happen to know one please let me know. Recently I got sick and lost some weight. So now almost all of my winter t-shirts from last year become big or really big. And I am a poor student. And I love to crochet my own clothes :)

3. A wrap shirt I saw in Betsey Johnson's website. It's simply gorgeous and I guess it'll be my first attempt to crochet with really small threads :D

Thanksgiving is next week and I'm not cooking a turkey! 2nd year in a row! I'll probably won't cook any turkey for the next 5 years, I'm not ready for the big bird :D