Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just one more square

Just out of the blues, I decided to crochet a baby blanket... for nobody's baby! I was just in the mood, I guess. See, the whole story went like this:

I elf-ed for the 2006 RAOK and one of the persons in my list wanted an 8-in square for her friendship blanket (or afghan?) So I made one 8-in square using white, tan, and yellow. It is the most gorgeous thing ever to me as it looks like sunlight on a very nice day (I call it "Sunray" hehe) After I was done, I left it on my teddy bear's belly and the bear was clutching it for half a day. So cute!

My teddy bear looked like a poor kid without any toys but a piece of afghan square in his hands to play (he did look like that). I couldn't stand the poor baby having nothing to play, so I decided to make a little blanket...just for the bear. So far I have 4 10-in squares (I enlarge the 8-in pieces a little bit).

I expect the blanket to be a bit over 30 inches each side, just enough for the teddy bear. Call me crazy but teddy bears need blankets too!