Sunday, December 3, 2006

Way many WIPs

I've developed a habit of having more than 1 projects at a time. To be honest, at the beginning I enjoyed having a switch between different projects, now they just add up to me. So hard to keep track of everything.

Let's see:

1. Lil' bro's blanket: about 30 rows done, need about 30 more.

2. Baby bear's blanket: essentially done, need more bordering to make it look bigger.

3. Short and sweet: before I finally gave up on the chunky yarn for a jacket, I took a second look at SnB and saw the short and sweet bolero. So far so good but let's see if I still like it at the end!

4. White House|Black Market jacket: I was almost done with it but it just looked horrendously wrong. So I frogged the whole thing and one very happy day I'll start all over again.

I'm slowing down significantly since the end of November: school and final exams are definitely not fun. In the mean time, my creativity bug doesn't seem to be bugged as well. I hope it's not going to be a big hiatus in crochet.

I'm thinking of doing a "Year in Crochet" collage at the end of the year to see how much I have done in one year (if I have time). It should be fun! Meanwhile, when I'm not blogging here I blog in my other blog (the yahoo 360 one). If you happen to be a Y!360 user, please check it out and add me as your friend.