Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Updates from the 'ville

My holiday swap partner finally received her package. I didn't realize how much I stuffed inside that flat rate box until she listed everything online. I didn't even take pictures of everything like I did the last time. I really like swapping, it's a fun chance to meet nice crocheters around the U.S and probably around the world.

Also, some of the villagers that I RAOKed posted thank yous. The things I did were those wishes I could do in my own expense: Christmas cards, favorite recipes, hair things, story, cookie recipe, crochet ornaments. Postage and shipping costs are not so bad these days, even a grad student like me can afford to do good things.

But...there's always a big "but" here

And the dilemma is I haven't received any RAOKed gifts yet! Everyday I went to the mailbox diligently to check mail, hoping a letter or a box of wonderful goodies would show up in my mailbox. But still I see nothing *very long downward pout*

Update: I received a hook carrying case with one hook inside from a villager in Oxford, NC. It's very lovely and I felt happy to receive gifts from people I don't really know (she doesn't even leave her nickname!)

I have no hope to receive any presents from my relatives this Christmas. Since I became a grad student more than a year ago, the world deliberately took that I no longer needed money or Christmas presents. Like my last name is Rockefeller or something! And this year, I am going to send a big box full of presents to my relatives' kids. Knowing that they may not even say 'thank you' back!

So, right now I am upset about the whole gift thing. Like every year, I am upset during the holidays! More than ever, I really need my real family: to be with them, to hold them, and to tell them that I love them!

I guess I can't do that for this year!