Thursday, April 5, 2007


I haven't been blogging here for a while. Apparently I am now procrastinating myself from crocheting/knitting to do my research. There were days that I didn't even have energy to make a stitch although the inside of me wanted to grab that hook really bad. Now all I want to do is to have some "me" time to knit, to crochet, to feel the yarn slipping through my fingers. Simple wish but sometimes I just can't do.

I finished the bag for the Spring tote/purse swap already. It turned out like nothing I sketched out but has a very "down-to-earth" look. I used Knitpicks and Bellissimo from Joann's and they looked wonderful together. The Bellissimo has funky texture but its color reminded me of cherry blossoms in DC somehow. I felted once today but the washing machine in the laundry room didn't have hot water => blimey! So right now it looks somewhat Abecrombie and Fitch-y but I believe some couple of washes will do it right.

Right now since the tote is not a finished product, I can't post any pictures. But I will, after my swap partner Juli receives it first. So stay tuned!