Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm Back Baby!

This week was GGGGREAT! I didn't have a lot of trips to my study site and you know what that means...more time for me! A while back I purchased some yummy yarns from JoAnn's called Stellina from their Sensations collection. The yarn is $5.99 per skein and is pretty small. I bought 4 of them before, in hope of making a scarf out of it. To me, this yarn is insanely expensive but the reason I bought was they actually had a sale! Plus the yarn just feels so good when you pet it.

So 4 skeins of Stellina just laid around in my box doing nothing until 3 days ago. I finally decided to use it for a jacket and guess what? I ran out of yarn! So instead of de-stashing my stash, I came to JoAnn's to buy 6 more skeins of Stellina! I know I must be out of my mind or something but Stellina was on sale and I had a coupon on top of the total purchase. It was all good :D

What made this week even better was I picked up a project I started a while ago. I was kinda winged out something for myself but got frustrated along the way. So I dropped the whole thing for a while and focused on research. But today after reading Knit Simple, I got some ideas that could bring me back to the project again. It feels so good to finally see something work out!

So now I have 2 projects under my belt. But then final exam is right around the corner => what a bummer! The other project should finish fast and I expect it to be done soon. By next month I'll have a jacket and a tank top. How cool is that?

My goal for the summer is to finish the WIPs that I have for a while (my brother's blankie is one of them!) Plus I have some projects that just went awry wrong. Now I don't know what to do with the yarn since I've ripped them out so many times. Being a frugal person, I don't feel comfortable throwing away yarns regardless how tattering they look.I guess I need to use up 4 skeins of black Simply Soft somehow. And some couple of Knitpicks. And some couple of this and that.

Oh my!