Saturday, July 14, 2007

Itchy Fingers

I'm itchy to knit and crochet very badly. I haven't made a stitch for almost 2 weeks I believe. Currently I have in my hands a sweater from knitty that I really like. The downside is it takes forever to finish the arms, and I'm only at one arm! I guess my manic OCD knitting and crocheting days are over. I still remember those nights when I stayed up until 3am to finish just another row of my afghan or just another repeat of my jacket. Now it's just...whatever...I'm tired...I'm going to bed!

I guess crafting is like a marriage, sometimes you really can't wait to jump to a new project, sometimes you just want to do something else, or just roll around and sleep! Talking from a person who's never been in a serious and committed relationship! So don't take my words :)

On the other hand, today we had a party and my friends were all oohing and ah-ing at the afghan and blanket I have. The afghan was a gift from Sherri during the Halloween swap and the blanket was the one I made way back. So this friend of mine wanted me to make one blanket for her because she likes the color. But it took me forever to finish that one blanket so I told her no, but maybe I'll make her an afghan for her next birthday then.

So yes, again as busy as I am right now, I find myself with some WIPs. Ah, the never-ending WIPs of my life! They keep me busy, they keep me sane, and also they keep me from not going outside of the house :D