Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My First Secret Pal Swap

I received my reveal package today from Christi (CDBear) and it was awesome! She sent me a big ball of mohair blend yarn, 2 hanks of cotton yarn, and 2 hanks of variegated sock yarn. I also received a red teddy bear, a crocheted shawl that's so soft and awesome, some beads, and many many other goodies.

I am so glad to join this SP swap. The experience has been fantastic. My known SP hopefully already received her package. I hope nothing was damaged during the trip or I didn't write the wrong address.

Here are some pictures of my reveal package:

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The content of the reveal package: mohair yarn, a pattern book, some pens, beading instructions, a blue shawl, beads, cotton yarn (red), cotton sock yarn (blue), teddy bear, note pads, and a headband.

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Me wearing the shawl and the headband