Monday, June 4, 2007

Worked out the Kinks

The past few weeks were very hectic for me in term of research. So much drama surrounding it that I don't even want to mention. But it all worked out at the end.

However, I just hated that my foul mood during those time affected my crochet mood. I was so upset that I could not even crochet or knit a stitch! How awful is that?! On top of that, my arcane mind decided to think that SP would end at the beginning of June instead of July. That's why I already gather most of the stuff for my SP and was ready to send until I realized my mistake. After realizing that I have a month ahead, I was quite relaxed and it all worked out for me. Mid-June will be quite busy at work so planning the SP ahead will give me more concentration at work without worrying of missing the deadline.

I have a WIP! Hopefully it'll be done in the next week or two :D It's the Zeeby's bag from SnB knit handbook. I use Wool-Ease in Navy to make this bag and will line it properly. My intention is to have a good-looking bag to carry stuff around in summer. The Booga bag I got from Spring Purse Swap is more suitable for traveling than everyday toting. I like the color from the Booga bag so much that I have to make this one in a very similar color. So far it's going fine, the pattern is quite easy. In fact, I think most patterns in SnB are easy. I am so contemplated to buy the other SnB knit book. I am in a needle-working frenzy right now.

I'm downsizing my WIPs very much but I always keep a knit and a crochet WIP at a time just in case I'm bored with one, I can use the other.