Sunday, May 13, 2007

State of the WIPs

2 WIPs down, 1 to go! Woohoo! A while back, I was about my WIPs and stash problem at crochetville. Some kind villagers advised me to buckle up and finish my WIPs and that was exactly what I did.

WIP #1: my brother's blankie-DONE! It became a nice twin size blankie and I crocheted until I ran out of yarn. I used 2 skeins of Joann's Rainbow Bouclé in Light Blue and Dark Blue. This yarn is very soft and plushy. Maybe I can lure the little monkey to use a blanket after all. Also, this WIP broke all the records of being the longest WIP so far.

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WIP #2: "Hello me Yellow" top- DONE!

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The yarns from this top were gifted to me by Fiona during the "Holiday Gift Exchange" last year. The yellow and pink yarn came from China and are 100% wool. The grey yarn is a blend of virgin wool and crêpe. It's a bit trickier to work than the other two but I was able to use up all the yarn. During the time, I ran out of the yellow yarn and had to order and extra skein of fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks.

Yes, you read it right! The top is made of 100% fingering weight wool yarn! At the beginning, I thought I was just a sadist who loved to torture my poor hands. But the more I got into making this garment, the more I like fingering weight yarns. This weight makes the garment very light and soft, unlike its worsted weight cousin. However, that doesn't mean I'm done knitting/crocheting in worsted weight yarn. I just enjoy the switch once in a while (although I'm grateful to receive any type of yarns as long as they're not fun fur or any frou frou type of yarn :D)

But come to think of it, using a lighter weight yarn to make wearables does make sense. If you go to the store, say GAP, to buy a sweater, chances are the sweaters are made with some very thin yarns. I know, I know, they use machines but you see how great the sweater mold to your body?

I don't really have a pattern for this top. And I didn't plan it either. It just came out of compulsion. Sometimes the best things happened spontaneously (proceed to bring out my Physical Chemistry book and looked under "thermodynamics" hehe)

Some more details:

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The front

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The back

I made an extra band at the back so that I can wear a bra. With my boob size, it's impossible to wear this kind of garment without a bra!

Oh yes, I learned the power of steaming. With an iron that has the steam option, my crinkly top transformed into a very luxurious garment like those in the expensive store! This trick I learned from Svetlana and it saves me from blocking :D

WIP #3: The jacket from Crochet Today! It's still where it is, untouched. After making the "Hello me Yellow", I ran out of energy so I need time to recuperate. But it will be done!

WIP #4: The baby sweater for my pregnant friend.

This one is special. One word: GAUGE! Watch your gauge! It was the gauge that threw me off the bridge. I intended to make a sweater for a newborn as the baby is dued in winter and he/she will definitely need some seriously warm winter clothings. I already made the umbilical cord hat (see the 2nd post below) and now I need a sweater for the baby. But it was the GAUGE! So I used my special stitch called the frog stitch to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it!

So there's no WIP #4 for me right now. I'm down to 1 last WIP but I have a lot of WIMs (Work In Mind)

When will this cycle ever stop?

A WIM becomes a WIP, a WIP just lays there to collect dust until it becomes an UFO. During the WIP to UFO time, there may be more WIPs in between.

The more I think about it, the more it makes my head hurt!

P.S: I'm joining my first Secret Pal Swap. I can't wait to start!!!