Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reader Question

Reader Stefanie posted a comment under my most popular entry so far. Since she did not leave an email address, I think it's a good idea to reply here.

From Stefanie:
i absolutely LOVE crocheting handbags and purses. my only problem so far have been linings. could you tell me how you sewed your lining to the crocheted bag? did you handsew or it run it through the sewing machine? my bags are all missing linings because i do not know what to do, and i'd love to tackle your pattern but i refuse to try it without completeing it properly. if you could help that would be wonderful!!!
My reply:

I hand-stitched my bag because I don't know how to use a sewing machine! Believe it or not, I have bags that are done with the crocheting/knitting part but missing linings so you're not the only one.

Let me go through the lining really quickly, this was what I did:

After crocheting the bag, I chose my lining and doubled it up to the height about 1.5 inches bigger than the bag. Then I used my little pencil to sketch the outline of the bag to the fabric (you can use a fabric pencil if you want.) I cut about 1 inch away from the outline, then managed to sew the sides together, wrong side facing me if I want the colors to be visible from the outside. Finally, I turned the inside out, folded the extra fabric from the top down, attached the magnetic clasps and stitched the rim of the bag to the lining (this part is tricky and thankfully I only know how to hand sew, otherwise I could have messed up big time!)

I hope this helps you lining the bags. It should be better if you have a hand stitcher that can be purchased at Target for ~$15. Good luck and enjoy crocheting!

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